Documentary Photography Sharing Session by Mr Edward M Kwan

“Documentary photography is important. It captures the moment, the environment, the time, the culture,  the society and the history. The same moment or photography will never be captured again. “

On Tuesday (2 June 2020), our photography lecturer, Ms. Joyce Wong invited Mr Edward M KWAN, a photo artist and a graphic designer in Hong Kong to share his passion on documentary photography to the students.

“Through photography, we capture the moment, the soul and life. A photographer/designer looks at the small thing and the details that others may not notice. We capture the moments and deliver the touching and meaningful story to others.” 

In Mr Kwan’s sharing session, he showed his photography artworks to the students and share the tips with the students.

“I like black and white photos. Without the distraction of colour, you can clearly see the emotion, soul, the environment the shape of the figure in the photography. To have great photography in black and white, the composition must be perfect”

Check out Mr Kwan’s photography here: https://lfi-online.de/ceemes/en/gallery/edward-m-kwan-387743/edmkwan.html

The best way to have the skill of perfect composition and perfect angle is practice. Bring your camera, slow down your pace, look around, take your attention on those little things/details around you and capture it. Slowly, you will be able to build your skill in the best angle.

We would like to thanks Mr Edward for his great sharing!

We also congrats Mr Edward for winning Leica Master Shot with his photography artwork – “Backstage Peeking”.

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