MQA/FA 0677 | KPT/R/340/7/0708 | (12/2021)

    Intakes: January, May and September
    Duration: 1 year (Full-time)
-------- OR --------
    Intakes:January, May and September
    Duration:2 years (Full-time)
    Intakes:January, May and September
    Duration:3 years (Full-time)
    Intakes: January, May and September
    Duration: 1 year 4 months (Full-time) | 2 - 4 years (Part-time)
    Intakes:January, May and September
    Duration:3-6 years (Full-time) | 4-8 years (Part-time)


1 years 4 months (Full Time)
2-4 years (Part Time)

Malaysian Qualification Agency

MQA/FA 0677

The Raffles MBA programme is a professionally-oriented programme to develop advanced skills in business for students who already have some practical business experience. Our MBA programme attracts students from very diverse industries and cultures, and RU lecturers will leverage on these differences and translate them into learning opportunities.

If you are ready to take on the challenge of being a new or better leader in your industry, the RU MBA programme is your choice. This is designed to deliver a solid, integrated and multidisciplinary curriculum, focussing on general and evolving management theories and practices, which equips working professionals with skills to excel in real-life business situations.


Semester 1
– Accounting for Decision Making
– Organisational Behaviour
Semester 2
– Marketing Management and Strategy
– Financial Management
Semester 3
– Strategic Management
– Information System Management and Strategy
– Managerial Economics
Semester 1
– Ethics, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibilities
– Elective 1
– Elective 2
Semester 2
– Elective 3
– Research Methodology
Semester 3
– Dissertation
Management Focus
– Entrepreneurship and NEw Venture Creation
– Human Resource Management
– Operations and Quality Management
– Organisational Development
Marketing Focus
– Service Marketing
– Strategic Brand Management
– Promotion Management
– Consumer Behaviour
Finance Focus
– Corporate Finance
– Investment Analysis
– Risk Management
– Financial Instruments, Institutions and Markets


CEO, CIO, CFO, COO, Management Analyst, Management Consultant, HR Director, Marketing Director, Advertising Specialist, Marketing Research Analyst, Financial Analyst, Credit Analyst.


A recognised Bachelor Deree or equivalent in any field with a minimum CGPA of 2.50

Others: If a student does not meet the minimum CGPA of 2.50, they can be accepted if they have a minimum of 5 years working experience.

IELTS: 6.0
TOEFL Paper: 497
MUET: Band 4
GCE O Level /1119: Grade C
UEC: English B4

TOEFL Paper: 497
PTE: 50
CAE: 160
CPE: 180
MUET: Band 4


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Application Fee:


Indicative Tuition Fee:

Year 1: RM30,375
Year 2: RM10,125


The Raffles MBA was a stepping stone for my career and personal development. It gave me the tools to tackle and manage top decisions. I work for an international Pharmaceutical manufacturing company and with the knowledge and experience gained from MBA, I am able to communicate effectively with the management and make an effective contribution to the company’s success.

Being the leader of a sales team, I needed relevant knowledge to be able to lead and achieve our team’s targets. Although I have worked in this industry for a long time, higher qualification was necessary for me to move ahead in my career. I am glad to have met my lecturers and course mates whoo have guided me with their knowledge from working in their own industries.

RU (formerly known as RUI) has provided me with proper guidance and knowledge to think and overcome issues creatively. From what I have learnt, I can definitely say that RU achieved their mission, which is to provide quality education. I feel proud and grateful to be an RU student.

I am glad to be a Raffles Student as I am able to make new friends from all over the world. The lecturers in Raffles always provide a great study environment for us. I have improved my presentation and soft skills rapidly in a few months.

RU is an excellent training ground to cultivate future entrepreneurs. I learnt the functional and practical approaches to business that will be useful in preparing me in the real world.

RU helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself.

Raffles University provided a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for students to study. The teachers were incredibly knowledgeable, and brought real world expertise to their teaching method. Apart from that, the lecturers are very caring to students. They ensured every class was fun, educational, and interactive. They put in a lot of effort to groom me and transform me into a corporate professional.

The lecturers at RU are highly experienced and veterans in the industry. They challenge the status quo and challenge us to dive deep when solving problems which allowed us to practice our skills and prepare us to navigate in the working industry.

Raffles University’s professors and courses have given me a deeper knowledge of the global environment and aided my personal development in decision making in my professional space.

Raffles’ MBA course was not only about pursuing a degree but most importantly, it was about making valuable connections, networks and collaborations among colleagues who came from a diverse expertise within their industry.