MQA/FA 1723 | KPT/R/010/3/0072 | (05/2022)

    Intakes: January, May and September
    Duration: 1 year (Full-time)
-------- OR --------
    Intakes:January, May and September
    Duration:1 year (Full-time)


    Intakes:January, May and September
    Duration:3- 3.5 years depends on the programme
    Intakes: January, May and September
    Duration: 1 year 4 months(Full-time) | 2 - 4years (Part-time)
    Intakes:January, May and September
    Duration:3-6 years (Full-time) | 4-8 years (Part-time)


1 years (Full-Time)

Malaysian Qualification Agency

MQA/FA 1723

Students are exposed to a range of topics in the humanities so they can appreciate the depth and subtlety of human nature and experience. Students completing Raffles University’s Foundation courses qualify themselves to enter the Bachelor degree programmes in their respective disciplines. Emphasis is placed on communication and study skills because these are essential for professional practice after students graduate from their degree programmes, as well as assisting them to successfully complete their studies.


Semester 1
– Learning Studies
– Professional Communication
– Introduction to Entrepreneurship
– Elective 1
Semester 2
– History of Art and Culture
– Introduction to Professional Ethics
– Introduction to Critical Thinking
– Elective II
Semester 3
– Creative Problem Solving
– Information Technology
– Practical Mathematics
– Elective III
– Elective IV

– Design Fundamentals
– Exploring the Liberal Arts
– Fundamentals of Fashion
– Introduction to Business Studies
– Introduction to Drawing & Sketching
– Introduction to General Psychology
– Introduction to Multimedia and Web Design
– Introduction to Photography


The Foundation programme prepares students for entry into their chosen bachelor degree.


SPM: Credits in 5 subjects
O-level: Credits in 5 subjects
UEC: 3Bs
Others: Any other equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysia Government which will be considered on a case by case basis

IELTS: 5.0
TOEFL Paper: 410-413
MUET: Band 3
UEC: English B6
SPM: English B

IELTS: 5.0
TOEFL Paper: 410- 413
PTE: 36
CAE: 160
CPE: 180
MUET: Band 3


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Application Fee: RM3,000

Admission Fee: RM10,000

Indicative Tuition Fee:

1 Year – RM14,500


Raffles is a place where you get to showcase who you really are. The lecturers here will always light your pathway to success.

They inspire ad motiva us to reach the very top. Through my journey here, I have enriched and refined my skills, and have formed strong connections with my peers and lecturers.

RU has provided me with a good environment to enhance my learning process and the opportunity to learn a lot of things which are helpful for my future. What I like the most about my lecturers is that they are full of experience and very patient in sharing their knowledge with us. I have grow through my experiences here and have learnt to become a more confident person.

I entered Raffles University with the Foundation in Business programme and proceeded to the Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) course. My four years at Raffles University were among the best years of my life. When I reflect on the four year programme, I conclude that it wasn’t a piece of cake. There are lots of “brussel sprouts” to get through but by following Raffles’ recipe, I am cultivated with tools to jumpstart and refine the unpredictable future of my career. All I can say is that when I first set out on this journey, I was an entirely different person from what I have become now as Raffles presented an opportunity for me to grow on both a personal and professional level.

My journey at Raffles started with the Foundation in Liberal Arts programme and later followed by the Bachelor of Psychology. Over the years enrolled in Raffles’ programs, I was lucky to have been exposed to many experiences that I believe were exceptional. Foundation in Liberal Arts formed a strong backbone for my tertiary education. I have seen myself grow both personally and academically at Raffles University, and I am forever grateful for that.