MQA/FA 0528 | KPT/R/311/6/0010 | (04/2022)

    Intakes: January, May and September
    Duration: 1 year (Full-time)
-------- OR --------
    Intakes:January, May and September
    Duration:2 years


    Intakes:January, May and September
    Duration:3 years (Full-time)
    Intakes: January, May and September
    Duration: 1 year 4 months (Full-time) | 2-4 years (Part-time)
    Intakes:January, May and September
    Duration:3-6 year (Full-time) | 4-8 years (Part-time)


3 Years (Full Time)

Malaysian Qualification Agency

MQA/FA 0528

Our undergraduate programme in Psychology is designed to educate students in different areas of psychology. The course begins with the fundamentals of psychology so that students develop knowledge and understanding of the concepts, theories and practices of psychology. Then as the student progresses through the course these fundamentals are built upon, extended and applied to cover more specialised areas of psychology, for example, human resource management, marketing and branding, health services and education.


Semester 1
– Introductory Psychology Methods & Social
– Child & Infant Psychology
– Behavioural Statistics
– Learning Studies
Semester 2
– Ethnic Relations / Malaysia Studies 3
– Introductory Psychology: Cognitive & Abnormal
– Historical Perspectives of Psychology
– Emotion & Motivation
Semester 3
– Psychology of Learning
– Psychology of Adolescence & adulthood
– Behaviour and Influence in Organisations
– Abnormal Psychology I
– Creative Thinking / Bahasa Kebangsaan A
Semester 1
– Islamic and Asian Civilisation / Malay Language Communication 2
– Malaysia Innovation
– Social Psychology
– Research Methods in Psychology
– Cognitive Psychology I
Semester 2
– Individual Differences
– Cross-cultural Psychology
– Organisational Psychology
– Consumer Psychology
Semester 3
– Cognitive Psychology II
– Abnormal Psychology II
– Neuropsychology I
– Educational Psychology
– Statistical & Research Methodologies
Semester 1
– Elective 1
– Thesis 1
– Psychological Assessment
– Community Service
Semester 2
– Elective 2
– Neuropsychology II
– Psychology of Aging
– Thesis 2
Semester 3
– Professional Attachment

– Introduction to Counselling & Psychotherapy
– Module offered by Other Programmes*
– Family Dynamics
– Cyberpsychology


As psychology is the study of human behaviour, psychological knowledge can be applied to understanding and solving problems in a wide variety of occupations and professions, from school teachers to managers; from public relations to advertising. Many psychologists are employed in some kind of therapeutic role, for example clinical psychologists or counsellors. Many conduct scientific research in universities or other academic settings. Some graduates work in industrial and organisational settings or in other areas like sports, the media and forensic analysis. However, it is important to note that in order to work as a specialist psychologist, for example an educational psychologist, forensic psychologist or clinical psychologist, further training will be required.


STPM: Full Pass in 2 subjects; credit in Maths & Science and a pass in English subjects at SPM level
A-Level: Full Pass in in 2 subjects; Credit in Maths & Science and a pass in English subjects in O-level or its equivalent.
UEC: 5Bs; credit in Maths & Science and a pass in English subject at SPM/UEC level
Foundation / Matriculation: min. CGPA 2.00 with a credit in Maths & Science and a pass in English subjects at SPM equivalent level
Diploma / Advance Diploma: min. CGPA 2.00 with a credit in Maths & Science and a pass in English subjects at SPM equivalent level
Others: Any other equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysia Government which will be considered on a case by case basis

IELTS: 5.0
TOEFL Paper: 410- 413
MUET: Band 3
GCE O Level /1119: Grade C
UEC: English B5

IELTS: 5.0-5.5
TOEFL Paper: 453
PTE: 42
CAE: 160
CPE: 180
MUET: Band 4


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Admission Fee:


Indicative Tuition Fee:

Year 1: RM20,400
Year 2: RM20,400
Year 3: RM19,700


Along the journey to pursuing my degree in psychology, I gained a lot of sweet memories that I never have before. In here, I met friends with different cultural background where we learned and worked together by sharing our thoughts and opinions in completing every assigned task. I would also like to thank all my experienced lecturers. They are friendly and always willing to share their knowledge and stories to us. Their valuable comments and feedbacks always inspired me to have many insightful thoughts on my assignments and future.

I can’t denial that the psychology course had covered variety aspect of modules such as cognitive, social, abnormal and organization psychology, and counselling as well. In which is a great opportunity for me to discover what I really want and fulfilled what I need. The contents of the course also backed me up and give me courage to go away from school and be independent and successful. Last but not least, I enjoy the learning experience in Raffles.

One thing Raffles has taught me is to never be scared of seeing your lecturer to get a little more details on your studies. With lecturer who tried their hardest to ensure we do our best and give the most in class, it has really molded me to always give my utmost whilst I’m doing my work now. For this reason, I am indebted to all my psychology lectures that helped me through this.

Raffles has witness my growth. Being only a naive person, I am now at least a person with education stored in my chest and brain. Not just that, I am also with set of skills that would not go wasted in my next journey of life. With that, I’m proud to say that I am a person with education, skills and now a scroll in my hand.

I like studying Psychology in Raffles University because I have the opportunity to learn practical knowledge delivered by lecturers who have immense work experience. I am also able to improve myself by socializing with my fellow university mates and picking up critical thinking skills through my classes. With the professional knowledge and experiences gained in RU , I believe that I will be well prepared for my future career.

Raffles University helped me to mould my positive attitude towards my studies. The lecturers listened to all my concerns and always provided the best options to comprehend the matter wholly.

Not only that, various activities such as neurology practicum, field trips & engagement with students of different schools around Johor Bahru changed my perspective towards public speaking.