MQA/FA 2202 | KPT/R/581/6/0028| (06/2025)

    Intakes: January, May and September
    Duration: Duration: 1 year (Full-time)
-------- OR --------
    Intakes:January, May and September
    Duration:2 years 4 months (Full-time)

Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)

    Intakes:January, May and September
    Duration:3 1/2 years (Full-time)


3 1/2 years (Full-Time)

Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM)
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Malaysian Qualification Agency
MQA/FA 2202

Interior designers are able to use their skills to design space and effects range from making a client’s home comfortable to transporting people into another space and era with periodic décor. Professional interior designers are able to draw floor plans, render their ideas in 3D, and make on-the-spot sketches to present their ideas.

Students pursuing their Bachelor of Interior Design will be familiarised with the working life of field professionals through simulated projects and assignments. Lessons will build basics in drawing and design theories. So students will be able to create digital artwork of blueprints, floor plans, and other necessary computer generated imagery.

Graduates will be able to visualise the potential of décor in various spaces, and also know how best to enhance aesthetic and functional elements in the room by playing with lighting, furniture, and other materials.


Semester 1
– Design Principles
– Colour Theory
– Drawing for Designers
– Computing for Design
Semester 2
– Constructing Prototypes
– Furniture Design
– Human Factors
– Computer Modelling and Technology
Semester 3
– Design Studio Residential
– Interior Design Material and Technology
– History of Design: Past and Present
– Architectural Drawing and Digital Interiors
Semester 1
– Design Studio Commercial
– Elective 1
– Design Theory
– Sustainable Design
Semester 2
– Design Studio Retail
– Elective II
– Community Service
– Public Space Design
Semester 3
– Design Studio Exhibition
– Building Materials and Technology
– Malaysian Knowledge
Semester 1
– Major Studio Project I
– Construction Legislation
– Ethic Relations / Malaysia Studies 3
– Project Management
Semester 2
– Major Studio Project II
– Islamic and Asian Civilisation / Malay Language Communication 2
– Law for the Creative Industries
Semester 3
– Major Studio Project III
– Creative Thinking / Bahasa Kebangsaan A
– Professional Practice

Semester 1
– Practical Training / Internship

– Design Communication
– Design Leadership
– Entrepreneurship and New Business Development
– Modular Design
– Morality & Design


Residential Interior Designer, Office Interior Designer, Commercial Interior Designer, Exhibition Designer, Retail Interior Designer, Property Management and Maintenance, Architectural Interior Designer, Theatre and Dramatic Arts Designer, Hospitality Interior Designer, Public Space Designer.


STPM: Full Pass in 2 subjects
A-Level: Full Pass in 2 subjects
UEC: 5Bs
Foundation / Matriculation: min. CGPA 2.00
Diploma / Advanced Diploma: min. CGPA 2.00
Others: Any other equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysia Government which will be considered on a case by case basis

Additional Requirement: Pass “RU Portfolio Assessment and Interview

IELTS: 5.0
TOEFL Paper: 410- 413
MUET: Band 3
GCE O Level /1119: Grade C
UEC: English B5

IELTS: 5.0-5.5
TOEFL Paper: 410- 413
TOEFL iBT: 34 – 46
PTE: 36-42
CAE: 160
CPE: 180
MUET: Band 4


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Application Fee: RM4,500

Admission Fee: RM12,600

Indicative Tuition Fee:

Year 1: RM34,500
Year 2: RM34,500
Year 3: RM34,500
Year 4: RM9,200


For me, art does not only refer to design, it also includes music, installation, dance, and many more. Everything that exists in our surroundings could be art, and that is what I am passionate about. My lecturers have good knowledge and experience in the design industry and have been guiding me for 3 years. I would describe y experience here as “Inspiring, Enriching and Fun.”

If you really want to study design, Raffles is the best choice for you.

I am honoured to be studying Graphic Design in Raffles University  as the university has given me a good platform to solidify what has been my passion since childhood. I have learnt ow to use my passion for design in a matured way and it makes me ready to face any challenges in the future

Raffles University sparks creativity and provides a platform for student to have the opportunity to shine bright in their future. Our lecturers use various teaching methods to enhance our knowledge and ensure that we are on par with the industry standard by inviting professionals for Interior Design critique sessions.

We have amazing lecturers in the Fashion Design programme. The modules are comprehensive and provide trainings for various design skills. it is set for students who are at different design levels. I have learnt a lot over my 3 years of study at Raffles.

Raffles has taught me never to celebrate mediocrity, and to aim only for excellence.

Here in RU, I was offered the essentials for my growth, such as a healthy workplace, creative freedom, and a friendly community.

What I appreciate most about the school is how well equipped it is. I often find myself going to school on my off days just to use the facilities or to work on assignments.

RU trains me to enhance my design skills and designing with my own style. I like how my lecturers teach and the way they express their knowledge. My lecturers teach through demonstration and this allows me to understand better. I’m looking forward to take on more challenges and grow my skills.

My experience at Raffles University had not only made me a better designer and leader, but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career. The knowledge and information delivered by the lecturers had provided me with a deeper understanding of the Interior Design industry.

Life as an RU student was a unique experience. The growth I have seen in myself thanks to Raffles University is invaluable. It has taught me things far beyond theoretical knowledge and helped me broaden my horizons. I loved the friendly atmosphere at Raffles University and the fact that the lecturer were really close to the students.

The programme structure of RU is extremely up-to-date with the standard of the current industry. The programme is designed for students to really understand the content both in a theoretical and practical manner. This programme enabled me to work collaboratively with others through face-to-face discussions and online platforms.

Being a student of fashion design, we have a role to link the creativity and innovation.

RU shows us many new possibilities in term of creativity and new viewpoints in the fashion design industry.

The biggest achievement for me at RU was developing a positive attitude and the confidence of public speaking when proudly showcasing my artwork in front of people. I was trained to think critically and develop my technical software skills.

I will always be grateful to all my lecturers who had nurtured me into a professional graphic designer!

Raffles University is a great place for students to start their learning journey. I met a lot of people from all around the world, while developing my multimedia knowledge.