Commercial and Landscape Photography Sharing Session by Mr E Henry

On last Thursday, RU’s photography lecturer, Ms Joyce invited Mr E Henry, a Malaysian photographer who has over 20 years of experience in TVC commercial shooting since he moved his base to ShangHai. E Henry’s specialisation is in portrait shooting, especially with the integration of fashion photography into commercial photography. He has been working with a lot of famous celebrities and company fo TVC. His works emphasises on the beauty of natural body language. He also likes to do landscape shooting as his hobby. 

He also shared his photography artworks and experience in TVC and landscape shooting to the students in the seminar.

“Working as a photographer in TVC, you might work with many celebrities. With their packed schedule, you have to ensure that you have the great shoot within the time limit.”

The Difference between art photography and commercial photography

“In TVC shooting you will be able to shoot varieties of products. A great tip for you is to ensure you understand the client’s requirement. For example, a jewellery company’s priority would be the focus of jewellery rather than the talent or the environment. Another tip for you is to be flexible. Whether you shoot indoor or outdoor, there will be some unforeseen circumstance. Make sure you would be able to adjust your flexibility and adaptability for all these unforeseen circumstances.” 

“For art photography, it has more freedom, you can shoot whatever you like, show the scenery to the public through your perspective.”


We would like to thanks Mr E Henry for his great sharing.

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