How to Create a Mood Board


What is a mood board?

Designers always use a mood board to illustrate their designs, that might includes the inspiration, the story behind the artwork, and the design style that they are going to use for their designs.

3 Tips to create a mood board of fashion design

  1. Cut and paste all possible keywords/picture for inspiring design

– brainstorm the keywords around your ideas. – Search on internet for inspiring ideas.
– Combine all the picture or keywords into a board

  1. Add on your colour palette

– Brainstorm the colour tone you would like to apply.
– Make sure it is align with your initial ideal
– Pick the colour pallete that you would apply in the design

  1. Put in the fabric / texture that you choose

– Paste the fabric that you would like to apply on your design
– You may also add accessory on the moodboard

Tadaa! Complete!

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