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We are proud to present Raffles University administrator, Daljit Singh, for receiving the Best Internship Award 🎖at Aito Firework Holding Sdn Bhd, under the supervision of Pn. Siti Fataimah Noor binti Jumaat.

He has wonderfully demonstrated the Industry Ready characteristics after 3 years of pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) at Raffles University.

3 Benefits to study at Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)

1.Industry Ready

The theory you learnt is not only the theory in the textbook. You are going to learn all those theory and technique that would be applicable in the future work place. They would be critically thinking each issue they faced, and take the right action accordingly

2.High Confidence

Student study at Raffles University has to demonstrate what they learned and present in front of people. With this method, they would build their confidence of public speaking. In the workplace, they would be confidently raise up their suggestion and contribute the company with a better solution.

3.Stand out from the Crowd

With all of above, it could definitely show the competitive advantage of our students among their peer. They perform the best in the workplace and contribute their industry

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