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Prof. Dr. Graeme Britton


I am pleased to announce exciting news.

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First, Welcome Back to Campus (for some students)!

The Government has given permission for Universities to commence physical face-to-face classes for some students, starting from 1 July 2020. Eligible students will be informed individually. For these students, blended learning mode will be used.

Returning students can be assured that we are implementing strict procedures to minimise the transmission of COVID-19 on campus. We will release the detailed instruction to response to Covid-19 later of this month.

Students who are not allowed to return to campus will continue the semester with fully online learning until further notice.

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Second, a Better Virtual Learning Environment

We are excited to announce that we have moved the students’ email from xxx@Raffles-Rui.com to xxx@Raffles.University. This is a milestone for us since the university was renamed officially from Raffles University Iskandar to Raffles University in October last year. The students can refer to the email sent by SAS for detailed information about the change of addresses.

With the new email address, the students would have full access to all the features of Microsoft Team (The virtual platform of RU). With the full access of the virtual platform, plus RU Learning Management System (LMS) and the efforts of our lecturers, RU is confident that we will offer a better virtual learning environment to our current and prospective students and lead the students to the new normal of tertiary education.

I wish you well with your studies. Stay safe and in good health.



Best Regards

Professor Dr. Graeme BRITTON


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