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Prof. Dr. Graeme Britton

Continuation of Virtual Teaching and Learning for May Semester [UPDATED ON 13TH MAY 2020]

Dear Students,


Continuation of Virtual Teaching and Learning for May Semester

Congratulations to all of you for successfully completing your studies online for the January semester!

And welcome to the May semester.

The new directives from the Ministry of Higher Education do not allow face to face teaching. We realise you want to complete your studies on time and so we will continue with virtual teaching and learning for the May semester.

Our academic staff have been working diligently through the semester break to move their courses online. We are doing our best to provide a high quality Home-based learning experience. We need your support also. Let’s work together to ensure your success.

Please not worry if you still feel overwhelmed by Home-based Learning. No student will be left behind. If you need help please ask us. Our staff will take care of you.

You may be interested to know that we have been successful, so far, in placing 80% of our students with companies for their Professional Attachment in the May semester. We are helping the remaining students gain attachments and are confident they will be placed.

Finally, many companies have stated they will continue with online working post-MCO. Take this opportunity with Raffles to develop your online skills to improve your job chances when you graduate.


Enjoy your studies, work hard, and stay healthy and safe.


Best Regards

Professor Dr. Graeme BRITTON


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