Dear Students, Parents and Staff,


I wish to clarify the position of Raffles University in the light of recent newspaper reports on the rising cases of COVID-19 in Malaysia and the Government’s policy to not impose another lockdown, and a recent announcement by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).


The recent announcement by the MOHE applies to universities who are starting their new semester in October. Raffles University started its semester in September, so the new announcement does not apply to us.


Raffles University is fully complying with a previous MOHE order that allows face-to-face teaching on campus from 1 October. This order has not been rescinded. Raffles University will continue with blended learning, which incorporates both face to face and online learning, until further announcements by the MOHE.


We have put in place Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone in the Raffles community. We are monitoring the effectiveness of these procedures on a daily basis. We have contingency plans in place if we need to change procedures to provide better protection.

We are doing our best to balance students’ need to continue learning in an effective way and ensuring the health and wellbeing of everyone in the Raffles community.


Take care and be safe. Please adhere to the SOP’s to protect yourself and others around you.



Yours sincerely,

Professor Dr. Graeme Britton
President, Raffles University.



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  • All staff and students entering the campus premises are compulsory to wear face mask and practice good personal hygiene.
  • Only Entrance at Level 2 Kotaraya is accessible.
  • Body Temperature Measurement at Level 2 Lobby.
  • Scan the QR code that is located at Level 2 Lobby and key in your body temperature.
  • Lifts are limited to 3 people at one time.
  • Students are required to scan another QR code again before they enter the classroom
  • Social distancing is marked to ensure a safe distance of 1 meter between the workstation/desk.
  • Sanitisers are available at the entrance of each level
  • If a student/staff develop symptoms at work, or temperature shown 37.5 or above, they should inform SAS immediately. A response team will activate the tracing procedures.

*Further notice to be released.

What is Covid-19?
Covid 19 can be transmitted through Airborne, human contact, contaminated objects and wild animal contact.

The symptoms are fevers, cough, sneeze, shortness of breath.

  • View more information about Covid-19 at here.
  • View the latest information about Covid-19 in Malaysia here 

How can I prevent Covid-19?

  • Always wash your hand
  • #Stayhome during MCO period
  • Wear a mask when you go out
  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hand

Who should I contact if I have symptoms of Covid-19?

  • Local Students:
    SAS department:+60127215898
  • International Students:
    Admission Department:+60167101269

What will be Raffles University’s SOP if someone has symptoms of Covid-19

  • SOP 1: Student/Staff Suspect or Confirmed Case Reporting During Virtual Operation and Outside the Campus – View SOP
  • SOP 2: Managing an Unwell Staff/Student in the Campus – View SOP
  • SOP 3: Contact Tracing – View SOP

How long will RU be closing?
Raffles University’s city campus at Kotaraya will be closed in the period of MCO. Raffles University will continue to operate as a virtual university during this period.


Will I have to defer my semester due to MCO?
We are taking all steps to assist you, our students, to complete this semester successfully. You will be required to complete the rest of the semester through online classroom, presentations and examinations until further notice.


What do you mean by Virtual University?
During virtual operation, staff and students will operate from home and communicate using RU’s digital platforms.


How about my examination?
The examinations will be held online. You will be given instructions later on the rules and regulations for the online examinations.

What action has been taken for International Students?

International office staff will visit hostel or communicate, preferably by video, with hostel students daily to ensure students have sufficient food supplies and are in good health.


Who should I contact if I am facing any issue?

Please contact International Students Office at +60167101269 

Can I enrol to RU during the MCO period?

Yes! We are accepting enrollment for May 2020 Intake.  Contact us now at +60177029838 / enquiry@raffles-university.edu.my / click here for more information.


How can I get further details regarding the programme of Raffles University?

Our Education Consultant is available for any queries about the programmes at Raffles University from 9am – 6pm during the MCO period.


Will May 2020 Intake be deferred?

There is no change to the starting date for the May semester. Raffles University will start the new semester on campus on Monday 4 May, orientation day will be held on Thursday 30 April.

Students Administration and Services Department (SAS)



Admission / International Students Office 



Prospect Students

+60177029838 / enquiry@raffles-university.edu.my / click here

What is Malaysia Movement Control Order?


Prime Minister of Malaysia announced Malaysia Movement Control Order on 16 March 2020 to prevent the further penetration of Covid-19.

Movement Control Order (CMCO)
Phase 1: 18 March 2020 – 31 March 2020.
Phase 2: 1 April 2020 to 14 April 2020.
Phase 3: 15 April 2020 – 28 April 2020.
Phase 4: 29 April 2020 – 3 May 2020

All education institution, entertainment and shops have to be closed. Only grocery store, restaurant and particular industries are allowed to open from 7 am – 7 pm. However, the dine-in section is not permitted; it is replaced with take-away or delivery only. Malaysian residents are required to stay home, with only one household is allowed to purchase stuff outdoor.

Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO)
Phase 5: 4 May – 11 May 2020
Phase 6: 12 May – 9 June 2020

Some of the economic sectors are allowed to operate. However, the business has to follow the standard operation procedures (SOPs) including social distancing, wearing of facial mask, sanitising the common area and so on. A large gathering is prohibited. Interstate travels is only allowed with valid reason.

Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO)
Phase 7: 10 June – 31 August 2020

Most of the businesses are allowed to operate as long as they are following the SOPs such as recording of clients’ data for tracking purpose, temperature measuring, mask-wearing and so on.

With the latest announcement of the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), there are 5 categories tertiary education students are allowed to resume their face-to-face learning environment from July onward. Read more here.