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Raffles Psychology Alumni shared their work experiences

What is my career pathway after I graduated from a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)?

Raffles University Psychology Association (RUPA) organised an Alumni Seminar. In this Seminar, they invited 4 Alumni of Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) to share their career pathway to current juniors. The 4 alumni are as followed:

Shanthini Tamilmany – How Psychology Helps me in my Career in Education Industry?

Shanthini was interned as a data analyst with the data analysis knowledge she learnt in Bachelor of Psychology ( Honours). She managed to produce high quality of the detailed report that has impressed by her employer. However, she realised afterwards that her passion is in the teaching field. Hence, she changed her career pathway to the education industry. She is able to use her psychology knowledge to deal with a different type of students. For example, she is able to identify the issue of the student and patiently counsel the student.

Liew Jia Ying – Challenges met in my work in the Education Industry.

Jia Ying is also working as a teacher in an international school. She likes to interact with students. The topic she shared was the challenges she met in her workplace.

The first challenge she met was Technology, where she has to incorporate technology in her teaching method.

The second challenge was Time Management, where being a teacher, she has a lot of tasks to complete daily, at the same time, there is always some unexpected events that will cause delays. On top of this, she mentioned how RU has trained her in time management. “How you learnt in the university, you are going to apply it in the workplace,” she mentioned.

The third challenge was Teaching students at a different level.  She mentioned that she could apply the theory of educational psychology to use a different method of teaching for a different level of students.

Siti Fatimah – Career Path of Psychology Graduates in Corporate.

Siti Fatimah is working as an HR consultant in a well-known accountancy firm. She is able to use her psychology knowledge in her current position – ” Goreng the Psychology”. She mentioned that psychology is applicable in everywhere. In her current position, she has to find out the details of a company, think from their perspectives and identify the way to deal with them.

Lin Bao Xin (Shirney) – How do I get a Master Degree in Germany

Shirney is going to further study her Master in Cognitive System in Germany. It is actually a hybrid program which includes the theory of computer science and psychology. She mentioned that she is able to apply for the programme as (1) RU is an accredited programme from MQA and (2) some of the module she learnt in RU enable her to exempt some of the modules.

She is looking forward to her new milestone. As she learnt in Cross-cultural psychology, she is ready to embrace the diversity


Did you realise that our Raffles Psychology Students are working in different industries after they graduated from Bachelor of Psychology?

Psychology appears in various form in daily workplace routine life. The takeawaypoint is that you will know how to handle the issue or the person when you are a Psychology student.

In addition, you are going to learn the data analysis in RU, where we believe this is a important skill in this era.

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