Effective Communication

Effective Communication in Corporate

“Effective Communication” is one of the most important traits in the workplace. Preview of one of our Raffles Business’ Class where the Raffles students learnt the importance of “Effective Communication” through a series of fun activity.

Effective Communication Game

In this class activity, one of the student was selected to be the Director. Another 4 students were divided and given the title “Manager” and “Staff”. When the activitiy started, the director are given a few minutes to memorise the icons on the screen . Then, student has to create a storyline across this icon to give the instruction to her manager. Once the managers received the information, they have to pass to the staffs. The staff had to draw the answer on the whiteboard.

At the end of the game, two group of students produced different drawing of icons compared to the initial icons that was given. Hence, it taught a lesson to the students that, an effective communication is very important.

Take Away Points:

– Create a storyline across the items to enable you to memorise easily

– When you describe an item, you must describe it clearly and specifically

– When you deliver a message, make sure the person understand and both of you are standing on the same page

– Ineffective communication can be happened easily once a small step was mistaken

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