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Proudly present our Raffles Designer – Wong Zi Qing‘s T-shirt design that is in collaboration with Klau Jungle Trail 3.0.

The Klau Jungle Trail is an annual marathon in Sg Klau, Raub, Pahang. It consists of 3 categories, 10km, 25km and 50km pathway with a mixture of road, off-road and trails. (For more information about Klau Jungle Trail 3.0, click here)

We are honour to have our student of Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours) – Wong Zi Qing to be the designer of the marathon T-shirt for this special event in the year of 2020. She has to design 3 garments including the marathon participant t-shirt and the finisher t-shirt. This is also part of her Design, Research and Development and Project Workshop assignment.

The Design Process.

According to Zi Qing, in the process the creation of these garments, she has to research the background of the eventscommunicate with the organiser to understand their requirements. These inspired her to create the triangle element in the T-shirt represents the mountain and durian as Sg. Klau is also famous with Musang King of Durian.

After she gained enough information, she then creates a lot of sketches. In this process, she has to not only include the branding and background of the organiser and events, but she also has to think from the participant’s perspective. For example, what kind of design or materials will suit the Marathon’s participants?

She then produces the prototype of the t-shirt and brought it along to further discuss with the organiser. After the collection of the organiser’s opinion, she then discussed with her programme director – Ms Jennifer Kong, to finalise the design for this event.

Do you want to own a set of this T-shirt that is designed by Zi Qing?

Join the Klau Jungle Trail 3.0!
Date: 11 April 2020
Event: https://www.facebook.com/klaujungletrail/

We also appreciate the organiser of Klau Jungle Trail 3.0 for the great opportunity to Zi Qing, to use her design in such a special event.

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