Creating your

Personal Brand

What if your assignment is to create your personal brand?🤔

1. Brainstorming

As the assignment was to create a personal brand, they were asked to create a mindmap that was filled by their classmates regarding their mind of the personality of the creator. Based on this mindmap, the creator will extend and look for a direction to produce a design.

2. Planning

They went through the process of planning including the concept of the brand, the design of the brand, the merchandise that they want to produce. These processes will slowly accumulate to be the content of the manual book of the branding.

3. Prototyping

Then, they produced the prototype for their personal brand. In this process, they will refer back to their aim of the brand to ensure the brand or product that they were created matched and suit with the initial aim of the branding. They will also examine the feasibility of the brand and product.

4. Creation of Actual Products

The Raffles Designers will then produce the actual brand and product including the signboards, the merchandises, and also the marketing channel such as website, social media etc. The final brand manual will be created in this process.

5. Presentation

Usually, Raffles University Students had to do a presentation in front of lecturers, panels from other faculties, industry partner and public. Hence, they had to prepare the presentation including the sequence of presentation, the way they are going to present their storyline of the brand. A key point was they had to make sure that the flow of the presentation was smooth.

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