Boundless of Human

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Raffles Designer: Nuradilah Afiqah Binti Ab. Hamid
Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours)
Module: Major Studio Project
The inspiration behind this collection is “boundless or untold  of humans”. I took a concept as a journey through life of a girl or an adult with no specific age, with sometimes the feeling changes and transformations. The feelings or mood that keep popping into my head and I really wanted to expressed was frustration and depression. For me, fashion is about self-expression and human want to be heard. The detailing is what interests me most. The silhouette is to be precision and cleanliness and elegant. I was thinking of something that would always come back to her and the mood. I applied details such as natural raw edge, smoking box as if she was kind of trap,  ribbons or rope that has elements of tie and eyelets to allow the tying and make a knot, which to justify that is seemingly  like tie her legs together and restrain her.  The inspiration for the collection is more about the mood.