Behind the scene:

IGNITE Model Training


At the recent IGNITE Fashion Runway Show, we invited over 20 international professional models from Kuala Lumpur.

However, did you notice a few young models in the runway show?

These were actually our very own Raffles University students who were part of this unique experience.

The students were:

Teo Cai Qing [Bachelor of Fashion Design(Honours)]
Lim Miao Ling [Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)]
Lee Jun Hao [Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)]
Destiny Aglialise [Bachelor of Graphic Design (Honours)]
Kelvin Ng Yong Aun [Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)]

These students were casted beforehand to be selected as the models of IGNITE Fashion Runway Show. Our PD of Fashion Design – Ms Jennifer also brought these students to our industry partner – NIA Beauty Academy to have training on models cat walking.

In this visit to NIA Beauty Academy, the beautiful trainer – Nicole taught our Raffles Students about cat walking, posture and cat walking with accessories.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks NIA Beauty Academy as one of our supportive industry partner and sponsor in our IGNITE Showcase 2019.

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