CHAN Win Yee

Along the journey to pursuing my degree in psychology, I gained a lot of sweet memories that I never have before. In here, I met friends with different cultural background where we learned and worked together by sharing our thoughts and opinions in completing every assigned task. I would also like to thank all my experienced lecturers. They are friendly and always willing to share their knowledge and stories to us. Their valuable comments and feedbacks always inspired me to have many insightful thoughts on my assignments and future.

I can’t denial that the psychology course had covered variety aspect of modules such as cognitive, social, abnormal and organization psychology, and counselling as well. In which is a great opportunity for me to discover what I really want and fulfilled what I need. The contents of the course also backed me up and give me courage to go away from school and be independent and successful. Last but not least, I enjoy the learning experience in Raffles.