Ms. Sharon LEE Soo Hoon

Ms. Sharon is a lecturer in Interior Design. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and master’s degree in Landscape Architecture.

She was a Project Manager in Singapore. As a project manager, she heads the project department for all administration, agreement, operation and project matters. She managed a team from project proposal to implementation and completion of design and build projects, while collaborate with a wide range of industry partners to ensure projects meet the performance standards and follow schedule for project deliverable.

She was an Interior Designer in Singapore and Malaysia. She has designed and delivered various interior design projects such as residential, office, shopping mall, retail, stage, and others. She has handled interior design projects from agreement, consult, conceptual design, detail drawings, selection of materials and finishes, project schedule and planning, to submission of projects. She loves to design and create something good, functional, yet aesthetic, from a small piece of furniture, to a big piece of interior space.