Mr. Nico Jean M. PEETERS

Nico Peeters holds a MA degree in Literature and Linguistics, with post-graduates in Academic Teacher Training and Business Communication. As a lecturer of English as a Foreign Language, Nico contributed to multiple textbooks and took a lead role in international teacher training seminars.

Capitalizing on his international experience, Nico pursued a MBA degree, specializing in the strategic management of technology and innovation. He conducted extensive research in the field of “Open Innovation” and co-authored various studies in this area. This led to Nico becoming a prominent strategic consultant and corporate trainer, guiding enterprises in their quest for innovation, optimisation, and expansion. Currently, in his role as a senior manager in an international organisation, Nico’s ultimate goal is to drive competence building and stimulate cross-cultural cooperation.

Nico brings this expertise to Raffles University: his background in teaching and research, on the one hand, and his immersion in the global business arena, on the other hand, enable Nico to bridge the academic field and business practice. Moreover, having worked across different continents, he possesses the interpersonal, intercultural, and linguistic tools to greatly facilitate students’ learning.