Mr. Muhammad Syukri Bin ABDULLAH SANI

Since 2012, Syukri has been a lecturer at Raffles University and is currently teaching the Interior Design Programme. Trained as an architect with a Part II qualification, he has gained various industry experience including working with Razin Architects, Yonezawa Architects in Japan and other freelancing projects. His area of expertise includes technological experimentation and innovation, as well as guiding creative ideas towards inventive concept designs.

At Raffles University, Syukri’s teaching area are mainly in design fundamentals, both for Diploma in Interior Design and Bachelor of Interior Design (Hons) programmes. This includes modules such as design principles, basic CAD and 3D modelling as well as creativity subjects. He also engages in various design studio modules, mainly focusing on ideas development and technical aspects of interior design. Syukri also contributes towards developing students’ career skills and managing the Design Workshop as well as curating the Interior Design Gallery.

Syukri has also engaged in research and projects related to latest virtual reality (VR) technology for architectural design. In June 2016, Syukri published a research paper that won the Best Paper Award at the Proceedings of 22nd IASTEM International Conference in Tokyo, Japan. In this paper, he highlights that virtual reality technology could be assembled by architecture students easily and as low as zero dollar. As a result, Syukri are able to setup and operate virtual reality technology such as Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard specifically for the need of architecture and design students.