Dr. Mohammad Tirani ASADALLAH

Dr. Tirani started his art and design profession since 1996 by entering Art & Architecture University in Tehran, Iran. After finishing his Bachelor of Fine Arts and gaining experience in the field of graphic design and advertising, he moved to Malaysia in 2006 to continue in his Masters degree in the field of Visual Communication and New Media in UITM University in Shah Alam. Tirani continued his studied in his PHD research in the field of Art History and Art Aesthetic and received his doctorate in May 2017.

Dr. Tirani have been working as a freelance designer since 2000 and worked with several companies from Iran, Malaysia and Canada. His experience contain corporate identity design for different companies and variety of design works such as shirt branding, billboard, book and magazine, gift, website, etc.

Since 1995 Tirani has participated in several art exhibition and events such as Mail Art Group series in Malaysia, Greece, Italy and Canada as well as group and solo exhibitions in Iran and Malaysia. He organized several art and cultural events in Malaysian galleries and at the Art Expo Malaysia and Biennales. Dr. Tirani is also the author of the book “Experiences, A Collection of Drawings by Mohammad Tirani”.