Dr. TAN Wee Chuen

Dr. Tan has worked in tertiary education institutions for over 20 years within education research, teaching, management and leadership. She has extensive work experience in both academic and management positions. Dr. Tan holds a PhD in Educational Technology, a Master degree in Education and a Bachelor Degree in Science and Computer with Education.

As a researcher in education, Dr. Tan conducted extensive research in educational technology and has published these findings in various publications including books, proceedings and journal papers. As a lecturer, she had applied various pedagogies at the  higher education level to promote students’ learning, which have been shared in conferences and journals. These experiences have led Dr. Tan to become a prominent trainer in pedagogy and providing guidance to academic staff in teaching and learning. She is a Certified Trainer under Human Resources Development Fund Malaysia.  She is also appointed as a Panel Assessor for the Malaysia Qualification Agency.