Dr. TAN Hui Siang

Dr. Tan Hui Siang graduated from Iowa State University (ISU) with a doctoral degree in Apparel, Merchandising, and Design in 2017, focusing on bi-cultural entrepreneurship.  She then taught in Apparel, Merchandising, and Design program (ISU) as a lecturer in spring 2018.  During her grad school, Dr. Tan worked as a graduate assistant to assist faculty in teaching and research for eight years.  Classes that she taught as a teaching assistant included fashion illustration, CAD, virtual retailing and product development labs, besides financial workshop of entrepreneurship.  Whereas for graduate research, she mostly assisted for Iowa Retail Initiative project and student consulting projects, which aim to promote rural small business development in Iowa, USA.

Before ISU, Dr. Tan was teaching online as an associate faculty for two years at University of Central Missouri, after receiving her master’s degree in Industrial Management. She also worked in the US retail stores for three years after earning her bachelor’s degree in Textile and Clothing in Business.

Furthermore, Dr. Tan graduated from LaSalle Fashion International School in Kuala Lumpur with a Fashion Design Diploma in 1998 besides years of working experience in apparel industries and tailor store in Malaysia before her further study to the US.