1. Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed in the library.
  2. SILENCE must be observed strictly in the library. Idle conversation, loud laughter, and other unnecessary noise will disturb other library users and must therefore be avoided.
  3. MOBILE PHONES, pagers and watch alarms should be SWITCHED OFF before entering the library.
  4. Library books and other materials are to be handled carefully. Damage of library materials by marking, tearing or staining should be avoided.
  5. Abusive language or gestures, harassing or threatening behaviour to the library staff and/or users are not acceptable
  6. On leaving the library, all users are required to produce for inspection all books and other items taken out of the library.
  7. Reservation of seats is not permitted.
  8. Users must be appropriately dressed and conduct themselves properly in the library.
  9. Library staff has the right to request a user to leave if found to be violating any of the library rules.
  10. No leaving of personal belonging in the library. The Library will not accept responsibility for lost or misplaced personal belongings.
  11. Theft and damage of library materials is an Anyone caught attempting to steal, stealing or to have stolen library materials will be reported to the police and University disciplinary committees for further actions that may include prosecution, being banned from using the University Library and/or suspension from studies.
  12. No library equipment may be moved, modified or tampered with without permission from the librarian.

Failure to comply with these Library Rules and Regulations may result in the loss of library privileges

The following materials can only be used within the library

  1. Reference books
  2. Raffles Library Online Journal
  3. Newspapers
  4. Journals and Magazines
  5. Items labelled as “Library Use Only”
  6. President Collections
  7. Theses Collections


  1. All users will be held responsible for any damage to or loss of any library materials in their possession or other library property and will be required to meet the cost of replacement and processing. The marking of books and other library materials will be regarded as damage.
  2. It is the users’ responsibility to ensure that the books they borrow are in good condition in order to avoid being held responsible for any damages noted while returning the books.
  3. Lost books must be reported to the librarian immediately and replaced or paid for within 7 days.
  4. Lost library books that are later recovered, must be handed to the librarian as they remain the property of the University library.


  1. The librarian has the power to suspend or exclude from use of the library any user who disregards these Library Rules and Regulations.
  2. The librarian has the right to ask students to leave the library if they are behaving inappropriately or causing disturbance to other users.


  1. Borrowing period is strictly between 9:00am -6.00 pm on weekdays (Monday – Friday)
  2. All registered students of the University with a current Student ID card, Faculty and other staff in the University are allowed to use the library.
  3. All registered students, faculty and staff have borrowing privileges in the library.
  4. All students must present their RUI ID before borrowing any library materials.
  5. Library materials may not be removed from the library unless the librarian has properly issued them to the student or staff member concerned.
  6. The length of time that books may be borrowed is as follow:
  • Students: 2 books for 1 weeks; renewable once
  • MBA Students: 3 books for 2 weeks
  • Faculty: 5 books for 1 calendar month
  • Other staff: 2 books for 2 weeks
  1. All borrowed materials must be returned on or before the due date.
  2. Students are not allowed to borrow books on behalf of others or transfer borrowed materials to other students.
  3. Students with overdue materials and overdue fines will not be allowed to use the library services

All reserve materials must be collected at the specified


  1. A fine of RM1 per day per item is charged for the late return of books.
  2. There is a RM50 per item fine for books not returned at the end of the term.


No users shall post any notices in any part of the Library or distribute flyers to other users


The Internet provides access to a wide variety of educational, recreational, research and reference resources, many of which are not available in print. The Library does not monitor or control the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for the content of the Internet. Access to the Internet is provided to facilitate educational research.

The Internet may contain controversial or offensive material. However, displaying offensive images or language, or viewing or disseminating R and X rated images may constitute a form of harassment. Library users use the Internet at their own discretion and are expected to abide by local laws.