Raffles University Wins 1st Prize in LINBAQ & Sin Chew Media Competition (Food & Beverage)

Congratulations Raffles University student team!

Last Saturday, Raffles University’s student team won the First Prize in LINBAQ F&B Business Model Transformation Proposal Competition.

This competition was held by LINBAQ Holding and Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad. It was a competition that was opened for all current university students, to create a business model transformation proposal for some local businesses.

Raffles University’s team was a collection of Raffles University students from various degree programmes including BMD, BAC, BBA and BPY. The participated students are as below:

1. Goh Chin Peng
2. Lai Chee Mam
3. Cheah Min Qi
4. Lim Miao Ling
5. Chan Jia Minh

They came out a proposal for a local business – Restoran Woon Kiang(汶強粿條仔). These students met with the boss to understood the culture of the company and create a suitable business transformation proposal. The strength of our team was the students could use their knowledge from different industries during the proposal. The students had to present their proposal in front of the judge panels.

Check out media release from Sin Chew Newspaper here.

Once again, congratulation to these students!