Entrepreneurship Week 2019

Raffles University (Formerly known as Raffles University Iskandar ) successfully held the Entrepreneurship Week from 13th – 17th May 2019

RU Entrepreneurship Week: Building Your Own Business Model

It was a 5-days-events with an aim to develop and shape the entrepreneurship mindset and spirit among the students from Raffles University. It also aimed to be the first minor step for the student to act as a potential entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is one of the important learning outcomes for every Raffles Students from each faculty.

An Event for Cross-Discipline Students

Students from different programmes (BBA, BSM, BAC, BPY, BID, BMD, BGD and BFD) are selected to participate in this event. There were a total of 90 students who participated in this event.

Inspiring Seminars

We invited a few speakers from the industry to share their experience in the start-up journeys including:

Mr Lim Feng  (Start-up Johor) – Entrepreneurship: Business Start-up: The challenges, Barriers and Opportunities
Mr Lee Sheah Liang (Founder of Infinity 8) – Sharing: Entrepreneur, Legal and Funding Matters
Mr Clarence (Hermo) – E-Commerce: Marketing Business Opportunities of New Business
Mr Wayne Fun (Pinhead Interactive Sdn Bhd) – R&R: Entrepreneurial Thinking

Raffles University Alumni

Our Raffles University Alumni were invited to share their startup experience to current Raffles University student.

Mr Khartic (MKPP Enterprise(M))  – Business Funding
Ms Nor Aida binti Ahmed (Founder of Lanna Cosmetics) – I am an Entrepreneur

Workshops and Q&A session

Our Raffles lecturers also conducted workshops with an aim to enable the student to understand the business knowledge that is required in entrepreneurship.

The importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration & Grouping – Mr Wong SC
Business Ideation – Dr Tan HS, Mr Wong SC and Dr Tan WC
Business Model Key Components: Resources, Partnership & Activities – Dr Fong & Mr Wong SC
Business Law – Mr Asokan
Cost Structure & Revenue Streams – Ms Joanne and Ms Tan LL

All RU lecturers joined the event by participating in the discussion session.

Entrepreneurship Activities

There were a lot of activities involved in this event. In one of the activity, the students were divided into a few groups that contain various faculties. It aimed to enable the student to understand the importance of cross-discipline collaboration. As a self-employed boss, you are going to look at the business as a whole picture. It is either yourself that own multidiscipline knowledge or you are going to allocate resource for the multidiscipline issue.

Another important feature of entrepreneurship is funding. How are you going to get your first capital for your start-up? Are you going to crowdfunding? How much capital do you need to start a business? As part of the activities, the students discussed this topic with their facilitators.

Daily Reflection

The students were required to do daily reflection at the end of each day to reflect the knowledge they learnt and the activities they had been through daily.

Presenting their Elevator Pitch

At the end of Entrepreneurship Week, the students were required to present their elevator pitch regarding the entrepreneurship business model that they had developed with the knowledge and activities they learnt in the last 5 days.

We would like to express our appreciation to Mr Khartic as the sponsor of the workshop. We would like to express our thankfulness to all speakers, lecturers and staffs and students who involved in this event.