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A virtual convocation will be held on RU’s website. The convocation is not a ceremony, but a carefully curated virtual event to celebrate our graduates’ success. It will be premiered on 16 December 2020. Please feel free to invite your friends and family for the virtual convocation!

RU must hold a convocation in 2020 because it affects programme accreditation and professional certification. As we cannot hold a physical convocation we are holding a virtual convocation.

Yes! Every graduate of 2020 will be invited to participate in the physical convocation next year (2021)! We look forward to seeing you in your robes in the physical convocation post-pandemic!

You will be able to receive your scroll and transcript physically at the SAS Department of Raffles University from 1 January 2021 onwards. We will inform you if there are changes to this date.

Yes! Regalia is NOT required for the 2020 convocation. But if you want to borrow the regalia for a family photo you can do so. From January 2021 onwards, you will be able to rent respective regalia from Raffles University.

However, if you are going to attend the 2021 physical convocation then there is no need to hire regalia for the 2020 convocation.

The Graduate Registration Form is aimed to collect the graduates’ details for convocation including photos. The information is important for us to create the virtual convocation as to officially credit the students as graduates of Raffles University 2020.

The payment will cover the cost for your virtual convocation pack that includes a scroll, academic transcript, Malaysian Qualification Statement and Professional Development Skills certificate (if applicable).


If you attend the physical convocation 2021, the payment you have paid this year will be deducted from the 2021 convocation fee.


*The virtual convocation pack does not include the folder of Raffles University. This will only be issued next year when you attend the Raffles University physical convocation.