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TIME- Identity System

TIME- Identity System

    • Graphic Design
  • 09 May 2017
  • 249

Gender stereotypes and sexism in the society is still prevalent and yet such issue is rarely discussed. Many sociology scientists have found that children developed a fixed gender stereotype in such a young age. Negative portrayals of their genders will severely affect their identity and self-esteem. Without intervention, gender stereotypes will cause a long term effects manifested prominently during the adolescence and gradually becoming worse during the adulthood.

The design objectives of this project are listed as below:

  • To use design as a medium to communicate with the audience
  • To create an appropriate ‘art’ for the exhibition
  • To design a complete identity system for the exhibition
  • To create awareness or to inspire audience through design

It is important to understand that we are more than just simply our gender or sex and that each of us was made up of both masculinity and femininity traits. The integration of both traits will lead us to a more balanced and healthy wellbeing.


Practical Skills

Communication, Leadership & Team Skills

Scientific methods, critical thinking & problem solving

Lifelong Learning and Information Management


Additional Info

  • Creator: Zen
  • Subject: Major Studio Project - Identity System Design
  • Skill: Photoshop, Illustrator